What Part of a Routine That I Try to Skip

To be honest, there’s no routine that I skip whatsoever because I do EVERYTHING to get myself going. BUT, here are some things that I do around 5 in the morning when I get up:

1.) Get moving: I do active things (anything from walking to simple excercise at the gym). This raises my heart rate, wakes up my senses, and fires up my metabolism.

2.) Schedule my day: Without a schedule, it’s easy for me to veer off course and lose productivity. Taking a couple of minutes to create a realistic schedule for the day guides my time and increases my focus. The structure is completely up to me. Maybe I should consider creating a to-do list on what should be done in order to get myself going.

3.) Healthy eating: Now that I’m up and at ’em, I want to go ahead and start back eating healthy, not that I haven’t eating like I’m suppose to, but better myself on eating food that will build me up and get me through my day.

4.) Focus the mind: In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of an amazing morning routine. Focusing the mind means taking the opportunity to clear your head and hitting the mental refresh button. Sometimes I like to meditate or engage in an act of mindfulness. This could include doing a full body scan, jogging, or taking a nice, warm shower to cleanse my worries, as long as I’m doing something to make me feel relaxed.

So these are the things that I do in the morning as far as a routine is concerned, nothing special, but something that will help me in the morning and let me get through the day without any hassles whatsoever so I won’t have to experience any problems down the line and have a peaceful and restful evening after a long day’s work.

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