The Famous Person I Met

The famous person that I met was the late Notorious B.I.G. when he performed here at the Chicago Theater back in 1995. I was with some friends of mine and we just happen to luck up on tickets (well, actually I won them on a radio station contest a couple of weeks prior to the concert) and I was WAY too excited when I heard I was the “first caller” I was surprised when I got two tickets, not knowing that some of my friends had purchased tickets themselves!

Well lo and behold after the show was over everyone was just mingling around the theater area when all of a sudden Biggie just happen to be walking around and talking and making jokes when he came our way and said “Wassup”:and I returned the gesture and complimented him on a great show and it’d be good if he returned to Chicago and performed again. He thanked me for the hospitable attitude and said he would come again. There was a handshake and that was it. I didn’t ask for an autograph because it wasn’t really necessary. That experience was good enough for me and I’ve been enjoying his music ever since, even after his tragic death back in March of 1997 and I’ll keep that concert night in my memory forever…

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