The Most Expensive Personal Item I Have Ever Purchased

My most expensive purchase with my own hard earned money is my Super Nintendo, which was about $455.00 back in 1992. It also including the tv, speakers and peripherals, etc.

I have always been a gamer (ever since the 80’s, since I was younger, seven years old back in 1983, an Atari being the first gaming console I ever had) at heart, but sometimes due to financial constraints that I have experienced AND the worries of asking my parents back THEN for a game system, my dream was not fulfilled until I fulfilled it myself many years later. After getting a better paying job with more money, I was able to get the system that I thought of so much, not that I couldn’t afford it, it’s just that it was something I dreamed of purchasing myself.

I got the Super Nintendo back in the summer of 1992 and hooked it up myself (with my older brother’s help, of course because he kind of liked to play video games as well) and then I took it from there. So you see, purchasing the most expensive thing in person’s life doesn’t make them feel like they’re irresponsible with money, it’s just that the good things in life come with a cost, as long as he or she got the right AND exact amount of money to cover it.

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