My Life in Three Years

In three years I hope to be a more successful blog writer and a podcast host. I started The Wright Info AND The Wright Info Podcast Show last year (in June) and hopefully, the ball will surely be rolling on both and maybe, just MAYBE, I will be able to get through to my listeners and my readers on the isuues and the topics that I discuss on a daily basis, whether the topics are local, regional, national or international, in three years I want to be able to reach out to more than the few people that I am associated with, or if you want to call them “fans”. I hope to expand my blog site and my podcast show (which is on Spotify, Spotify for Podcasters, LinkIn, Tumblr, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook) in order to at LEAST be in a league in which there will be huge financial and documentary success ( I MAY start doing videos, who knows?).

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