What Are My Favorite Websites?

There are a lot of websites that I like, and if I had the chance, which I don’t, I would name them one by one, but I’m going to go ahead and name some websites that I love, some for entertainment, some for research and others for news sources (plus music) and these websites are very, VERY useful to me. Here they are:

-Facebook: I have a LOT of friends and without this website, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them and this also gives me the news that I need to know whenever I’m on the go AND I love the Facebook Lives that people record if there is entertainment that I need to put a smile on my face.

-Instagram: Here’s another website that I like because of the entertainment and news feeds that appear and the people who post their daily situations. Owned by Facebook, of course…

-WordPress: Now this is THE website I love because my website, The Wright Info is on here. Here, I write and post my blogs and discuss the various issues of the day, whether they’re local, state, national or international, and I also talk about topics that can sometimes be outside the norm.

-Chicago Tribune AND Sun-Times: The hometown newspapers have their own websites and being home-grown in the City of Big Shoulders, I REALLY have to know what’s happening in the Chi, whether the news comes from the conservative Tribune, or the liberal Sun-Times, I know what I expect when it comes to citywide info.

-CNN: Cable News Network, which was founded in June of 1980, bring Americans the type of informative stuff that we deserve. I like CNN because of the election cycles that go on in America, whether it’s the race for congressional seats or the results of the presidential election. They have their own app as well and I check it out every so often.

-Tubi TV: One of my FAVORITE websites! Now THIS website has an app where you watch the type of movies that aren’t viewed in Hollywood’s eyes, in other words, they wouldn’t give these mostly diverified movies or shows the time of day or waste money advertising them.

-Pandora: I love music, and what better music, news and podcast website (besides iHeart, which I also love) can I turn to for both news info, entertainment and podcast shows other than Pandora?

-X (Formerly Twitter): What the hell was Elon Musk thinking when he renamed Twitter? Anyway, I love reading all the tweets of celebrities, elected officials and companies that deal with economics and business-building, and the entertainment industry. A person can’t seem to get enough a tweet from anyone (might as well call it a damn X), but I STILL love it BUT it’ll ALWAYS be TWITTER to me…(that little bird deserves to live).

-TikTok: The Entertainment King as of right now! I get more entertainment and humor out of this website/app more than anything and I have become a fan ever since and will NOT let it go! The challenges, the shows, the skits, I mean Facebook and Instagram ain’t got shit on this period!

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