Is There an Age or Year of My Life I would Re-Live?

Yes there is an age, and a YEAR I would DEFINETELY love to relive and that would be age 7 back in 1983. When I was 7 years old 40 years ago, I had a great time in grammar school at George Gershwin Elementary School (which is permanantly closed) for I was in the first grade and it was around the fall and we were in the process of taking our first grade class pictures. Can you believe after 40 years that I STILL got that photo of me and all my classmates standing together AND the individual picture of myself and I’m sure that none of them haven’t really changed a bit. There are those that I have been in contact with through Facebook (which wasn’t created until 19 years later in 2004), and those I haven’t seen since. A majority of the classmates that were in that photo I very much still remember by name and the ones that I really don’t remember I have a very good photogenic memory of them. Just thinking about that picture day back in the fall of 1983 is one of the greatest memories I would love to re-live.

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