Being A Kid At Heart

Just get up, get outside, get moving and get to work!

At times we feel we have to follow the most rigid, comprehensive and the most complex training plan in our lives. Most of the time we just need to start. So I just went ahead and started something for myself.

Although I firmly believe in following and adhering to a properly orchestrated training routine, at times it can be overbearing for some. In this case just do something. Find something fun and enjoyable, I know I did, and that’s why I at times I act like a kid at heart.

I always felt that moving at my own pace and at my own will when finding freedom, flexibility and enjoyment all in the place of just living a good life is part of having the time of my life ALTOGETHER. It’s best to enjoy life and be as active as you can as long as you’re on this Earth.

One of my plans of attack is to be creative but also explorative to see how I’m training myself to be a BETTER kid at heart. But how is this furthering me to be a better version of myself?

Question: What does having a kid at heart life like? That’s up to me to decide. To me, it’s having the ability to do whatever I want to do in life, no matter what it is. Being able to engage physically, mentally and emotionally in all aspects of life is the ONLY thing that can keep a person in the “role” of a kid at heart.

It’s about having the ability to be an active participant in MY life and not be shackled or limited to the things I already enjoy in my life as it is right now. I’m in charge of that state of readiness and ability to perform.

Don’t let the youth of your life be wasted on the young. Be young at heart, be willing and ensure to set yourself up to be able, believe me when I say I do.

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