The Blog of Halloween (The Movies and the Monsters of Each One)

I love Halloween. Yes, it’s the one holiday where people can dress up as their favorite character or whatever comes to the imagination, through parties, or eat all the candy they want or just scare the hell out of people. But besides the costumes and the parties and all the candy that kids (and adults) enjoy, there are the “monsters” of most of the horror movies that I like watching when Halloween comes (or I just watch them anytime), but to make this special blog even more special I’ve decided to give the name of the horror characters, the movie they were in and their year in their order of release, so don’t get scared reading this blog…

So there you have it, the movies that I love to watch and guess what? ALL these damn movies had sequels coming out of their asses like crazy! (I don’t do remakes, sorry, but they’re not the same as the old school versions) and a majority of them are pretty good, so I say sit back, grab you some popcorn and enjoy the list of movies I like for Halloween, it’ll be well worth it …DON’T BE AFRAID AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN.,..

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