Describing a Family Member

I come from a huge family, I mean a HUGE family. I’m the youngest of 9 children (8 now that I have a deceased older brother), and everyone knows that if there’s a lot of siblings, then there are a lot of cousins and I do have one particular cousin who is like a damn sister to me, and trust me, when I say we stuck together like glue, we were more than “thick as thieves”. My cousin did things I didn’t even think about doing when we were younger, like she was very combatant when someone got in her face and showed no fear whatsoever when being challenged.

I guess she must have thought I was going to jump in and help her whenever she got into a dispute, and she KNOWS good and well she doesn’t have to ask when it comes to having her back, no questions asked because she knows I got her back, along with everything else that comes to mind whenever something goes down and both find ourselves in a situation that won’t be a problem to get out of. My cousin to me is someone I can turn to because not only can she hold herself down in the streets, but she shows a loyalty to family that can never be questioned!

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