My Favorite Form of Physical Excercise

There are a lot of excercises that I do in order to keep myself in shape and I have to admit that I make myself look pretty good in any shape when performing any excercise that I do. But to answer the question of what kind of excercises I do to stay in shape are push-ups. I like push-ups because it gives me the opportunity to arch my back whenever I’m raising up and the give my hands and arms the power to lift my entire body up and whenver I want to challenge myself to move faster and be more agile then I’ll do let’s say 15 to 25 push-ups every other day (or I may do some at night, if I’m in the mood after a long day’s work).

Doing push-ups can be strenuous and painfull, if you do them right, but if there’s any mistake made while doing them, you may suffer a bad back or stiff hands if they are done TOO much, so before I do them, I like to stretch a bit, like about 2 or 3 minutes, maybe do some squats (4 at the most) and THEN I start doing the push-ups, making sure I don’t tire myself out beforehand when doing the stretches or the sqauts. Like I said before, I like to get in about 15 to 25 (maybe 30) push-ups a day to start my day and to be in shape for whatever situation I may be in, whether helping someone move something or rushing to someplace I have to be, I’m going to make damn sure that I’m in top shape.

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