What Am I Most Proud of in My Life?

The biggest thing that I’m proud of in my life is the fact that I kept a promise many years ago that I would graduate three times in my life. What that means is that I graduated back to back to back with three different degrees (my Associates in Arts in General Studies first from junior college, my Bachelor’s of Arts in History, with Psychology as my minor in second from a well-known accredited university, and then my online Masters degree in Psychology/Social Work lastly).

The road was long, the work was hard and all the time I spent up late at night trying to accomplish each endeavor over the years was definitely well worth it, and trust me, I wouldn’t trade it in for the world and doing it all over again would be rather easier now than it was when I was younger (I’m still young though, but I’ve been through a lot more while growing up) and THIS, to me is the greatest thing I’m proud of in my life, no question! 😊🎓😊🎓😊

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