What Makes a Good Neighbor?

These are my personal points on what makes a good neighbor:

1.) Good Neighbors are Friendly.

-Friendly neighbors are welcoming to new residents. They introduce themselves, maintain relationships and are approachable. They also enjoy being social in their community and encourage others to do as well.

2.) Good Neighbors are Helpful.

-Helpful neighbors are always there to lend a helping hand. They are considerate of others and offer their services to help those in need. A helpful neighbor is also available to help a new or current neighbor with their children, day-to-day tasks at home.

3.) Good Neighbors are Trusting.

-Trusting neighbors have their neighbors interest at heart. They treat their neighbors home and family as if it were their own. Trusting neighbors also keep their word and follow through when asked to do something.

4.) Good Neighbors are Respectful.

-Respectful neighbors understand boundaries and are respectful of their neighbor’s time and space. They are also respectful of those that may not like a lot of interaction and prefer to communicate on an as-needed basis. Respectful neighbors are also considerate of their neighbor’s property.

5.) Good Neighbors are Considerate of Noise.

-Neighbors that act responsibly to noise levels is a large part of building respectful relationships. They are accomodating and willing to adjust noise levels when their neighbors are sleeping, feeling disturbed or uncomfortable.

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