Tailgate Foods With A Tasty Twist

A football game in the fall season or the Super Bowl is always the greatest sporting event of the year, and man, oh man, the whole house really gets into watching the game! Part of this is because we as Americans are HUGE football fans, and the other part is that we LOVE tailgating and the food that comes along with it, plus it can have a tasty twist.

One of the best things about tailgating is that you can have it anywhere; a parking lot, a park, at home, in the backyard or even in the comfort of your own home. The food options for a tailgate are endless, left only to one’s imagination.

Generally, tailgate food is easy to make, portable and can serve a large crowd; chili dogs, hot dogs, submarine sandwiches, hot wings, meatballs and so on. But there are other delicious choices to customize your tailgate to your taste.

I’m listing some of my personal tailgate favorites with a tasty twist and I do a few of these to my party almost every year. Why? Because they are SO good!

And these are some of the foods I would have at my tailgate party. I can be a bit fancy at times when throwing a tailgate party, but come on, this is the big game and what better way to enjoy it than to just chow down on your favorite meals, knock back a few brewskies and cheer on our home team, as long as it’s done in a respectful and dignified manner, AND as long as everyone is having a great time, so LET’S GO TEAM!!!

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