The Skill That I Would Love to Learn

It’s known that people have a lot of skills in whatever they do in life and sometimes it can be easy OR hard, depending on what one wants to learn and even that can be complicated, but in my case, I would love to learn how to bake. Yes, I said it, there’s nothing wrong with learning how to make something that doesn’t always have to go on a stove or just throw it in the damn microwave (the lazy way of doing things, of course), and feel that this is something to be proud of, but not me, I’m willing to learn how to bake and make such wonderful desserts and snacks. Now I could have learned all this from my late mother and oldest sister (they were the bakers of the family), I guess I was way too busy into my studies to think about baking, but I do cook pretty damn good if I say so myself, depending on what I got a taste for.

There’s nothing like setting up a table and having all the ingredients needed to bake a cake or a pie, or anything that comes to mind, as long as it tastes good and keeps the sweet taste and smell on your mind and have you wanting to bake more and more, until you’ve spoiled yourself with learning to bake and mastering it with such ease and precision. Take for example the blog that I wrote about on how to make a peach cobbler. Now although I gave the instructions on HOW to bake one, I really NEVER actually made one myself, for my mother did that and passed that cooking skill down to my oldest sister and I guess everyone else in the family learned it but me, But not to worry, I’ll definitely learn how to bake and make the treats that I love so much like cookies (chocolate chip), apple pie, pizza and apple pie (which I love so much because it has that American, patriotic appeal).

I promise myself to learn this ASAP (not that I’m in a hurry, but sometimes I just can’t help but just go ahead and bake, bake, bake and not be able to know. Following instructions for it isn’t hard as far as I’m concerned, it’s just the patience of waiting for something to either cool or warm up at a certain time that gets me, but hey, if you want something good you’re going to have to have THAT patience in order to succeed in what you want to learn.

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