The Trait That I Value Most About Myself

People have a lot of traits in their lives and sometimes they don’t even know it and when they finally find out about it, it’s basically too late to know how they got it or how to use it. But as far as I’m concerned, MY traits vary by not WHAT I do, but HOW I carry them out to make me the succeeessful person that I am today. The three most important traits that I have are loyalty, humility and openness to change. Let me begin:

-Openness to Change

A person like myself is very open-minded and welcomed change throughout my life. I may see change as an opportunity to challenge myself, learn more about the world, and achieve high-level growth. This quality leads me to develop more self-awareness, gain a deeper understanding of other’s perspectives, hone in new competencies, and identify new approaches to fostering success.


Humility can be an inspiring trait that allows me to understand the strength and weakness throught the lens of acceptance. I also possess a level of self-awareness that allows me to collaborate skillfully with others. Other people often admire humility as a quality because it fosters realistic expectations and consistent effort toward self-improvement.


Admirable people are often loyal to their values, ethics and the people who they care about. Loyal individuals possess a faithfulness that guides their actions and allows them to defy odds to uphold the promises they make. In my case, this quality that I have can help people become more supportive peers and develop allegiances and also sustain the commitments they make over long periods of time.

Yes, these are the traits that I have and I’m so glad that I have them because without them people will view me as someone who isn’t worthy enough to be trusted or admired and easy to ignore no matter what kind of point I make to them in order for them to get to know me. So I say this to anyone who’s wants to be trusted and bebelieved in: find a trait that will carry you through life and will guide you in the direction that you want to go into and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be respected for that trait and many more

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