The Aspects of My Cultural Heritage

I have to say that I’m very proud of my cultural heritage and it makes me feel SO good whenever I’m discussing it with someone. I’m a full African American male with a background that goes way back to African, Irish and French origins. My mother was black with Irish and Cherokee Indian (and a touch of Scottish blood) while my father was Black with a full touch of Southern America heritage (he was born in Tennessee) but all the way black with a bit of Creole.

Me on the other hand have all those ethnic origins in me and I wear them all proudly. But the best about it is that being from CHICAGO has lots of perks and privileges, especially if a person is from another country and brings with him OR her a type of joy and pride from the homeland and is very interested is very tantamount and enjoying their culture so yes, I love my heritage a lot because it’s so unique.

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