My Good Time Last Night

I had a great time last night at City Winery (West Loop) shortly after I got off work! I mean it was my first time attending an event there and I got to say that it was pretty good. The food was tasty (I had three wagyu sliders and a Coke), the waitstaff was wonderful and all the visitors were just fine. The entertainment of the night was Daphnique Springs, an up-and-coming comedienne from L.A. who showed up and showed out and had EVERYONE in the audience laughing and I knew I couldn’t stop!

The show was good but BEFORE I went to enjoy the show I signed up for a membership with City Winery and I didn’t regret it ONE bit because the perks are excellent and I definitely look forward to using them in the near future in case I want to go out again and see a show or have something to eat because I know this will be an experience I’ll never forget!

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