Collaboration: Impact on Employee Relationships

Collaboration is one of the main features of a team because it provides many opportunities to develop relationships and solve personal and professional problems. Teams can achieve high performance through cooperation and camaraderie and create a strong community. Cohesion is essential for groups of people who want to achieve their aspirations and business ideas, and it simplifies relationships. So I agree that interventions to overcome internal conflicts and disagreements are necessary.

In my opinion, productivity is a subtle issue because it’s based on many characteristics of a team at once: for example, organization or time management. Autonomy allows teams to work even if a few elements fall out of the production process because your team has trust and planning issues. From my point of view, the team cannot present it’s work and visualize it’s processes. Probably productivity should be related to the activity of business communication and building relationships in the group. In addition, employees need to understand their role in the end process–taking calls and making scheduled ongoing calls. Weekly training can help your team transition to more conscious time management for work organization.

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