My Day at Lit Fest 2023

Yesterday, like I said I would, I attended Lit Fest 2023 at Chicago’s Printer’s Row neighborhood (well, Printer’s Row isn’t actually a neighborhood, it’s more like an area where there are various bookstores like Sandmeyer’s for example) and I got to say I had a pretty good time and just did my usual walk-around and saw some books and small food stands that drew my interest. When I attend Lit Fest I like to pick up a lot of information about the bookstores that have their booths there like Open Books, Powell’s, Barnes and Nobles (eventhough THEY weren’t there), Haymarket, Barbara’s and other places here in Chicago that sell books that are either from the past or digital (A.I. is REALLY trying to run shit now…). I was able to grab all types of info about different businesses that were at the fair (it’s going on until 6pm tonight, for it’s the last day).

The Chicago Public Library represented as well at Lit Fest this year, like they always do every year anyway, distributing applications for library cards and giving out maps of ALL the libraries in the city (I still got mine, so there was no need for me to get one since I live near one) and when I say I got plenty of bookmarks, TRUST me, I got a shitload of them and now it seems like I just started a damn bookmark collection from past book fairs! The publication companies were also there like University of Chicago, DePaul University, Northwestern (the usual local stuff, but I still visited them and love them no matter what) and they offered so much. There were also African-American authors and publishing companies there as well and they really represented and turned out and I couldn’t be more prouder!

I stayed at the book fair for about two hours and left around 3:00 and rode the bus home, had me a nice dinner cause I ate at the fair (had me a pulled pork sandwich and lemonade…SO DAMN GOOD!) and just enjoyed the rest of the day . Lit Fest 2023 was wonderful and I defenitely look forward to attending next year! Note: I didn’t buy any books this year because I still got some from LAST year’s Lit Fest. Gotta start reading those…

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