The One Word That I Use I Would Love to Give Up…

There’s one word in the whole damn world I’d LOVE to give up because to me it reminds me of is SPEND…I say this because it’s one thing I can’t stand is having to do or carry out is SPEND unnecessary money on things that I don’t really need or come up off money for stuff that’s high as hell! There are people in this world that work hard as ever to obtain that so-called financial freedom but there seems to be something always in the way of trying to reach the top when it comes to either making money or trying to enjoy it.

Spending is spending, let’s face it. Bills, rent, food, insurance and other domestic duties that got to be carried out require money and the only word that I can think of that has ANYTHING to do with money is SPEND…a word that’s a constant pain in the ass and is always insulting to the person who has to do what the word means–spend…So there’s no sense in thinking of a word that has nothing to do with ACCEPTING, but has a WAY lot more to do with GIVING and spending and giving are the same damn thing, so whatever is accepted (cash) is spent (with cash), a very screwed up way to do business!

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