My Ideal Home…

My Ideal home is set in a Victorian manner, in which there are three steeple-like roofs with windows that are long and stain-glass with blinders that close electronically, three bedrooms and three bathrooms and an attic (no garage cause I don’t drive).

My Ideal home would also have a huge kitchen with TWO large refrigerators and a freezer that could hold more that what I actually buy when going grocery shopping, BUT I wouldn’t buy too much because it’s only me there and having food go spoiled is NEVER an option whatsoever. Like I said, the rooms will be big, but there’s gonna be a Master Bedroom which I’ll be staying in most of the time, plus a personal library where I’ll keep all my books and important papers (knowing me, I’ll be in there half the time reading, since I love it so much).

So there you have it, my own dream home that I most definitely will have all to myself and won’t have to share with anyone because of all the hard work and dedication I put in it just to obtain it and enjoy whenever I want…☺️☺️☺️

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