The Last Thing I Searched For Online and Why.

I remember the last thing I searched for online and it had something to do with an event that’s occurring during the Labor Day weekend in Chicago and it’s called the African Festival of the Arts and it’s held in Washington EVERY Labor Day weekend and I have beenattending it for over 20 years. It dela s with all typesof culture, but it MAINLY deals with everything from Africa like paintings, food, artwork, clothing and gifts of all types from every country in Africa and I just LOVE everything about the event. They’ll be performers from all over, but not just from Africa, but there will be some from the U.S. and other countries as well making sure everyone is having a good time and so for because I know I will havinga great time and will NEVER forget it, so I better go order my ticket (I believe I did, I just have to check and see to make sure).

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