What Is My Favorite Season?

My favorite season is fall because of the colors of the leaves and the trees when they turn into a reddish-orange color during the turn of the season. The holidays also set a great tone for the seasons for there is Indigenous Day (some people still call it Columbus Day), Halloween, which falls on the last day of October, where children dress up as their favorite characters and knock on doors asking for candy, a tradition that actually goes back thousands of years and will never let up. Then we come to November, where we as Americans hold our presidential elections early in the moth to pick a new leader, hoping that he (or she) will lead the country into a better future. Veteran’s Day can’t be forgotten too, for it honors the end of World War One, as we honor our veterans who gave their blood and their all for the freedom that we deserve and cherish SO much.

Last, but not least, there is the holiday in we all can sit down and have wonderful, delicious meal and give thanks to those who are in our lives and the ones in which were still with us and that is Thanksgiving, the full day of the giving of thanks and it provides us with the food that we love to eat!

Well, that’s all everyone, this is the season that I love the best, although I was born in the spring, I seem to enjoy the fall and everything that goes with it, no matter what. Who knows, maybe I’ll “choose” another season to like and get the real feel of it and it’s affects. But until then, everyone enjoy the seasons that they love and whatever occasions fall on them😊😊😊

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