One Hot Ass Week!

Yes, I said it! It’s been one hell of a week here in the city as far as the weather was concerned. It’s been damn near 100 degrees here and felt like we were all living in a big-ass oven without any chances of ever getting out and getting any fresh air whatsoever! It al started around Tuesday afternoon when it felt like 78 degrees, eventhough that’s not considered as being too hot but it “felt” like it and it was damn near unbearable to deal with and was driving everyone crazy, hell, even I was going crazy over this hot ass week, it continued into Wednesday and Thursday and wouldn’t let upuntil today, with it become a bit cooler and just a TAD bit windier so I was glad that it got cooler nad I didn’t have to be walking down the street and sweating myself to death so now the day (or rather the week) is getting much better as I speak.

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