The Most Important Thing to Carry With Me

The most important thing to carry with me at ANY the is my cellphone. Why? Because I conduct a lot of business on it and if I ever want to be reached by anyone about anything they can get a hold of me. I also need my phone for some financial affairs I have to deal with or check on, like my blogging site and my podcast show because constantly going to a library isn’t really gonna sit well with me to just see what’s going on.

I also love checking my credit report because I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that my financial future is in tack and if I want to purchase something or go into a certain kind of investment then I’ll turn to my phone and make sure my stuff is secure and look for websites that that aid me in my business. Listening to music and hearing my podcasts along with others is another reason I see my phone as being important to keep with me. Yes, I love to read, but sometimes a person wants some lyrical excitement in their lives and having some ear pods in their ears and hearing what’s going on in the world. So these are the reasons why I love having my phone on me.

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