The Most Money I’ve Ever Spent on a Meal

The most money that I’ve spent on something to eat was at a crab restaurant near the Museum of Science and Industry and me and a girlfriend of my ordered a nice dinner of crab boil, wine and dessert and after eating that the bill happens to come and it’s damn near $200! I couldn’t believe my damn eyes! When I saw the bill it took my ass by surprise, but I guess it was the cost of food and the type it was.

Well I didn’t want to seem cheap, but I went ahead and paid the bill (which was $165.00) and after learning about the fact of it, I kind of think it was worth it, but not to the point that the price of such a delicious meal can be so damn expensive so next time I go out with someone or by myself I’ll keep a close watch on the price of what I order so it won’t “break the bank”!

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