How Would I Describe Myself To Someone…

I would describe myself to someone as being smart, articulate, highly educated (graduating from college twice, plus an online degree), well respected, and always a man of my word when it comes to giving my guarantee on something (promises can be broken, or not always honored, but trust me, I’m not calling myself a perfect person by any means), that is asked of me because I expect the same from the person I’m dealing with.

No, I’m not a perfect person and I can make mistakes, that I’ll admit, but all the same show that person WHAT kind of a person I am by just being myself and having to go through the phoniness of pretending that I’m someone OR something that I’m not, and I’m sure that if there is a problem that arises and has to be tackled then I’ll let the actions that I carry out do the talking instead of just running my mouth. This is DEFINITELY the description I will give someone, as long as the description of themselves are as real as mine…☺️☺️☺️

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