The Dinosaur I Would Bring Back

The one dinosuar I would bring back (and it sure won’t be the Tyrannosarus Rex), would be the brontosaurus (or “thunder lizard”) as they call it because it’s the kind of dinosaur that doesn’t do much harm to any other animal when it’s minding it’s own business. When brontosaurus’ walk, their sounds to the ground met by their feet sounds like thunder, that’s why it’s called what it is. They are also herbivores, not the type of animal that likes to eat meat but spends most of its time with plants to make it grow and move faster (well, not TOO fast becuase this type of dinosaur takes it’s time getting to where it has to go). Now when it comes to fighting and defending itself, the brontosaurus can just rush at its opponent and knock him down, or just rise up on its hind legs and slam down on whatever animal is trying to attack it, or maybe chase it away to drive it off.

The brontosaurus is very much a gentle, but tough dinosaur that doesn’t like to be bothered if it’s not disturbing anything and very much walking with its pack. They do like water as well, kind of like camels of the past that can hold water for long periods of time (no, they don’t have humps) and with all the noise they make between walking and communicating with each other it’s no wonder they considered “thunder lizards” (there’s that term again) and just like all the other dinosaurs, died around 65 million B.C., yet their bones have been foundin archaeological digs around the world, some here in the United States.

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