The Strategies That I Use to Maintain My Health and Well-Being

I do a lot to maintain my health and well-being while on this Earth and I got to say that it’s well worth it. First, I get up and excercise, you know, like push-ups, sit-ups, squats and so for just to get my body in shape for the summer (just kidding; that’s what some women do in order to get in shape sometimes) and do some walking, which I love doingat times just to clear my head when something’s on my mind.

I really don’t meditate because I don’t see the point of just closing my eyes and just sitting there, so actually, what’s the REAL purpose of just keeping one’s eyes close to focus on what’s going on and what solution there is to the problem. There are other ways that i strategize to make my health better, like eating healthy foods that will make me feel real good and get me going no matter what.

Thinking is DEFINETELY my main strategy to get me gong not only physically, but mentally because there are a lot of things that go through my mind and I have so much to think about and consider when going on with my day. I do come up with ideas almost everyday while thinking and at times they do work, depending on what I’m focusing on.

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