My Future Travel Plans…

Although it’s still early for me to decide on where to go in the future, I very much know where I’m going to go when I make my travel plans because it’s like I’m already set on where to go and that would be the U.S. Virgin Islands, that’s right, our country’s very own territory, where we don’t have to have a passport to visit like we have to have when visiting other countries, but still will have to go through customs if heading there.

Nothing beats visiting a place you never went to before and experiencing what it’s like to just go to place to place (it’s smart to ask for directions first; don’t want to get lost) and see what’s going on and what activities you can participate in. I’m sure there are pretty good restaurants down there and the food had DEFINITELY got to be good, plus the drinks and so for. A nice hotel room would be good, depending on where I’d want to stay, as long as I budget my money right and wind up getting broke unexpectedly.

Sandy beaches and sailing is also a plus, along with visiting the territories museum and learning about the Virgin Islands’ history and how it came about. Oh, there’s SO much to do when I get down there (if I ever get the chance) to do everything in my power to have the time of my life and live and relive the experience of a lifetime. Since I’m a blogger and a podcast show host I’d discuss the good times I’ll have when visiting because I know they’ll be so much to write and talk about, so I better start playing and start planning!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š

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