What Would I Change About Modern Society

     There’s a lot of things I’d love to change about our society today, but there is so much to name and how it can be done I couldn’t do all that naming and with all the ideas that I have formulating in my mind I don’t really have the time or patience to run through them so I’ll just name ONE thing that I’ll change about our society and that would be to cut any taxes that has to be paid in order to ease the burden of having to pay so much for anything and EVERYTHING we have at our disposal, but it surely won’t be easy because I’m certain that there will be a shitload of loopholes that I would have to go through in order to succeed.

Take for example property taxes. Having your own home is great and nothing is better than having a place over your head that you worked hard for to obtain and call your own, but as soon as a person hears about a proposal to levy a tax, whether small or large on one’s home, all hell breaks loose and the next thing you know money will surely be “disappearing” out of your pocket because the cost of living as a whole goes up, and that’ll put a person in a tailspin because other city services have to be covered and it’s definitely not fair to the homeowner because he or she got to find some way to do this financial balancing act in order to keep that roof over their head.

Me on the other hand look at it differently. I don’t own my own home and maybe I will, but I’m in no rush to buy one with housing prices going up constantly and just even thinking about WHERE to live is a task within itself, plus having to worry about making repairs and calling contractors to let them know what’s going on and how to fix the situation, and even THAT has a tax because of the costs of anything that has to be taken care of. There’s no way I’m going to rush to get something I want for myself just to already know that there’s a tax attached to it!

So there is my idea of what I would change in this modern society of ours and trust me, it would be worth it, although it may take some time and a lot of effort, it’ll be the right thing to do because ANY tax to pay just to get by is not worth the worry, only to put me in a monetary hole I don’t want to be in and having to spend time and energy digging myself out of…

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