Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business

For many people, the concept of artificial intelligence (A.I.) is still something related to the area of science fiction and fantasy. However, this image seems to be closer to fading into obscurity with every passing day as AI becomes more common in people’s everyday lives. Granted, its widespread adoption in society is a fairly new development, but it’s not a new notion. AI’s modern field came into motion in the 1950’s, still, decades were spent on making serious progress in the development of an artificial intelligence system and turning it from a dream into a reality.

It is highly likely that interacting with AI on a daily basis in one way or another without even realizing it. You don’t even have to have a fore-mentioned Alexa installed at home: AI is present in all ares of our lives. That includes businesses, in which AI can be applied in a lot of ways. Some of these ways may not be primitive, however, one thing’s for sure, AI is currently virtually altering almost every industry’s business process.

Among the uses of artificial intelligence in business, five are the most common:

-Cyber Security

-Machine Learning

-Internet Searches

-Management of Customer Relationships

-Personal Assistance

When it comes to cyber security, AI systems are able to recognize a threat or attack on a computer-based system, find its source, and prevent similar cases in the future. AI machine learning is irreplaceable for capturing large amounts of data and internet research it help better understand search behaviors of users. Moreover, AI changes software programs for client communication to ensure they stay accurate and relevant. In addition to that, AI bots are often used in business to facilitate the work of human assistants.

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