Dogs or Cats: Which One Do I Prefer?

     Dogs and cats have been around for ages and people go crazy over both animals because of their curiosity, they way they act when treated a certain way and can be trained so well it’s as though they actually know what they’re doing without instruction, but I do know which one I prefer the best because this animal not only KNOWS what it’s doing, but seems to have it all figured out when it comes to just simple training, understanding, treatment and shows true loyalty like no other and that is a DOG.

     I prefer a dog over a cat because it can be easily trained and taught without any problems or trouble whatsoever. Teach a dog how to fetch, roll over, play dead or just plain sit there and behave it’ll follow that command to a hilt, but do that with a cat it’ll just sit there and walk around as if nothing is going on but want to purr and move silent without doing anything else. A dog on the other hand doesn’t have a problem doing anything for its owner only if it wants something, especially when hungry and wants attention and cats don’t seem to care at all, and PLEASE don’t ever take a cat near water because cats can’t stand getting wet, but dogs just LOVE playing in the water because they’re good swimmers and can sometimes dive if need be. And it’ll be always known that a dog is a “man’s best friend”, unlike a cat that doesn’t seem to know friendship if it was explained to them.

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