Who I’d Invite to My Dinner Party

The person I would invite to my dinner party and I know who would DEFINITELY come would be my old classmate from junior college that I’ve known since the spring of 1996 and we would have the time of our lives, reminiscing about our old college days when we had classes together, go to the college cafeteria and damn near order the same thing, assist each other with each other’s school work, go to parties (either I threw one or she had one and I attended) and we both had a ball like no other!

It feels real good to connect with people you haven’t seen in so many years and chew the fat about the good ‘ol days when things in life were so simple and easy to go through, but now everyone has their own lives and not enough time to get together and do what me and my old college friend did and sometimes that’s kind of sad, but hey, people can talk about the good times they had and shared but once one or the other is gone, it’s surely not going to be the same…

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