My Favorite Genre of Music

I love music…There’s no doubt about it no matter what. There’s rap, R&B, blues, reggae, country, Zouk (mostly from Haiti), classical, you name it, it’s all there for everyone to enjoy, but for me personally, I have various types of music I like but I do LOVE R&B music and here’s why:

It’s soft, soothing, and makes a person or couple feel relaxed when the weather is bad.

-There’s no profanity, vulgar language, or anything else that can take away the sweet, soulful ballads that are written in R&B songs.

-There is the old school and the new school of R&B. You have the sounds of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, the New Jack (and Jill) Swing era of the late 80’s and early 90’s plus the neo-soul styles of the 2000’s and beyond that grabs the younger generation who tires of listening to rap and hip hop all the time.

-R&B can bring love ones back together when there are problems in the relationship, more like a “healing” remedy or an “explanatory story” whenever there is an argument, disagreemant or a potential breakup that can ber avoided or has already happened.

-The singers of each R&B era all started in the church, no question. Although they went secular later on in their careeers, they always kept God and the church in their hearts and never forgot where they came from after hitting the big time.

So you see, there are reasons why I love R&B music as a favorite genre of mine because it lets people know that coming from humble beginnings like a tight-knit household or the church is just one way to reach people with music that discusses love, heartache, breakup, redemption and forgiveness (and let’s not forget that R&B music can set the tone for serious lovemaking AND full-blown intimacy). Just know that ANY kind of music can tell a story, make a point and bridge two people together in the time of personal and relationship crisis and they’ll definetely have that genre to thank.

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