My Most Memorable Vacation

I remember my most memorable vacation many years ago and I was 15 years old back in 1991. I visited Jamaica with some relatives and that was my first time going out of the United States and I got to say that I had the best tiem of my life! We visited Kingston, the country’s capital, the nice restaurants that that are there, the Bob Marley Museum, where the later reggae singer rest, Montego Bay, in the northern part of Jamaica, where there are real nice beaches and the sand is soft and smooth while walking on it. The food in Jamaica was pretty good, for most of it I eat this very day at home like curry goat, plantains, mangoes (my favorite Caribbean fruit), rice and peas, which happens to be a decent dish, and ginger beer. We only stayed down in Jamaica for about a week, but that was alright because a week down there seemed like a lifetime and the memories I would cherish forever.

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