My Definition of Romantic

     My definition of romantic is a nice, quiet stroll in the park with my loved one while we talk about the things we enjoy and the future we’ll have together with the warm, bright sun shining over us. But in the event that it rains, and mean rain REAL hard, I’ll just have a large umbrella over our heads to keep dry (but as far as our love for each other, I won’t mind for it to get wet) cause they say rain is the “love making” weather😂😂😂.

     Now, when it comes to a candlelight dinner, I can go to the extremes if need be in order to make the mood more and more hot (the flame on the candle doesn’t have to be the only thing hot in the room😂😁😂😁😂😁) and the relationship can go a LONG way if the food is good and the drink isn’t dry and the conversation doesn’t take a turn for the worst such as the topic of work and children and everyday problems, it’s best to stick to what’s important: the intimacy of the romance.

     They say “no romance without finance” is suppose to ring true, but to me personally, that sounds like some gold digging, opportunistic scheming because you don’t have to be with someone who have a LOT of money to bring happiness into the relationship, because if two people are on the same level ROMANTICALLY then there should be no problems whatsoever FINANCIALLY (no disagreements over money matters, no behind-the-back tactics to try to increase one’s own financial situation or being jealous of one another’s career rise).

So there you have it: my PERSONAL ideal definition of romantic and what it can or should not do when actions are carried out to make the relationship strong, maybe even stronger, depending on the couple that’s together. Romance should always be as equal as the laws that we have in this country and equal treatment bring equal feelings for those would love to make their relationship last forever…😊😊☺️

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