One Outfit I’d Wear Over Again


     The one outfit I’d wear over again if I was forced to would be my all-white “set-up”, meaning that it would be a white short sleeved shirt, white slacks, clean white socks and some white gym shoes. Why? Because I usually go to stepper sets and boat parties. Now, I’m very coordinating when it comes to dressing and MAYBE impressing (which I don’t do anyway), but I do like to go the extra mile if I ever go out for entertainment and I just HAVE to wear the perfect outfit that’ll fit not only myself, but the event that I attend and the mood that I’m in.I can just wear ANYTHING over again, but if I ever went out or just wanted to feel cool (cool as in wanting a cool breeze, not wanting to get hot or too warm), then yes, all white is what I’d have on to feel comfortable and at ease when moving around (I’d put on some stepping music and move to the smooth sweet sounds of the kind of beats that I like) and wearing an outfit that I love would make me feel good all over and would DEFINITELY carry me through the day…😊😊😊

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