My First Crush

I have had many crushes over the yeasrs when i was younger, but one crush I’ll never forget will be the one that I had in high school back in the spring of 1992 when I was a freshman. I can remember it as if it was yesterday and I just so happen to be sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch during the period when I saw this girl who happens to be in my age range (I soon found out that we were born in the same year) and for some strange reason, I really don’t think about it now like I did 31 years ago, but she was really checking me out (and vice versa), and I didn’t know what to think or say but I just went ahead and approached her (she was sitting at the table with her cousins and friends when this all happened) and I just started speaking to her.

I was very mannerable when introducing myself and telling her that I was a freshman at school and come to think of it, she was a freshman as well. Like I said, we just started talking and her cousins just HAD to cut in and run their mouths for no apparent reason at all and try to get something going between me and the girl. I’m sure it was all fun and games and I didn’t get offended at all. I guess that’s why they were being so protective and giving me the third degree, but I really didn’t mind because I can hold my own when being questioned by others when it comes to trying to have a conversation or be with someone they are close to, so, no harm done or offense taken.

After that so-called “third degree” was given to me, I went ahead and spoke to the girl and we hit it off with the usual questions like what do you do for fun, where do you like to go, what’s your favorite foods and the like so that went very well and we both got along with each other and I believe the courtship could have went further into a relationship but that didn’t happen because she left the school a year later and I happened to just move on and loand behold, we saw each other several years later after we graduated from our different schools . We said hi and asked each other what the other was doing what have been going on since we parted. She attended college, as I did, got degrees, good jobs, got married (except me) and made something out of ourselves. Eventhough my crush for that girl was strong and we separated, we still get along great and have a wonderful, cordial relationship and still talk about the good times we did have in high school and those are the days I’ll never forget…

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