The Issue of Homelessness

Homelessness is a critical issue that is widespread all over the United States and affects tens of thousands of people. During the years (mostly five), the number of people who have died on the streets because of the absence of housing increased. However, the problem remains unresolved and gains less attention from the public and authorities that it should. Therefore this blog aims to discuss the aspects of homelessness and the politician’s role in addressing the issue.

People who, for some reason, lost their homes and belongings and are eventually forced to live out in the streets are those who need the most help from society but hardly receive enough. Approximately every year, around 40,000 homeless people die from the shortage of resources for safe and healthy living. It’s hard to tell the accurate number because their deaths are usually not counted.

Politicians should pay closer attention to these questions because each person’s life is valuable and should be a priority. while most common reasons for demise are violence, abuse, lack of medical treatment and substance addiction, the authorities should also focus on the initial reasons for homelessness to prevent people from having a dysfunctional existence.. Nowadays, people achieve the greatest technical progress and developed numerous opportunities for decent living, but the number of individuals without homes don’t seem to decline.

In conclusion, homelessness is still an urgent issue nowadays, and many people still try to survive on the streets, and they often don’t succeed. An extremely high number of deaths proves that the problem is underrepresented, and society does not recognize its seriousness. However, politicians are the ones to address it and identify the initial causes of homelessness.

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