One of My Favorite Moments

One of the most favorite moments of my life is when I visited Jamaica for the very first in my life and I had a great time! I have to admit that I enjoyed myself to the fullest when I went down there with my relatives and that was in the early 1990’s when I was 15 years old (1991) and while going down there I visited a lot places (actually we just went to Kingston, the capital of Jamaica) and trust me, when I say I had a ball, I DEFINITELY had one! I know most people may not see that travel somewherre isn’t what you would call a moment, but I call it one because I went to a place I never been before and had a great time.

I visited the beaches, the various museums, (especially the Bob Marley Museum, where they got everything that cover the late musician’s life), Emancipation Park, where there is a large water fountain and plenty of statues to view to get a better way of understanding the history of Jamaica, from it being a place of taking people from their homes to endure slavery, to Jamaica’s fight for independence from her colonial mother country Great Britain , the Blue Ribbon Restaurant, where they got great food and drinks (and surely a place I would go to eat at again if I ever visited Jamaica again),Morgan Creeks Ltd, where they got a whole lot of shopping malls, the Putt and Play Amusement Park, where you can practice a golf swing and TRY to make a hole in one (I almost did one time, but missed it by a few inches, but oh well).

I will ALWAYS enjoy those favorite moments in Jamaica so many years ago and hopefully someday I’ll return for another vacation, only this time I’ll be by myself and I’ll probably visit the U. S. Virgin Islands as well as a way to enjoy a moment for myself and have a memory that I’ll always cherish.

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