My Favorite Season of the Year and Why

     I love all seasons, whether they’re sunny or rainy, windy or snowy, but when it comes to my favorite season of the year it’s definitely fall because of the good things that occur when that season comes for in September we all look forward to Labor Day (the day of the working man and woman), first Day of School, the changing of the leaves (from green to orange/brown), to October, where children dress up as their favorite characters or anything they can dream of for that festive day of Halloween, going door to door with bags out looking to receive some delicious, mouthwatering candy.

     Then there’s November, where we all go to exercise our right to vote on Election Day, to commemorate the fallen heroes on November 11th, which is Veteran’s Day and then we all go on a huge, hungry journey to the kitchen table for Thanksgiving dinner, which I definitely look forward to every third Thursday in November until I get fully stuffed and doubting I want more.

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