Wine or Beer: Which is Better?

The world has always been divided when it comes to wine or beer. NOW, which one do I prefer? There’s really no accounting for taste, but these drinks offer very subtle differences that can affect a person’s body or health.

Question: Which can get you intoxicated quicker?

Inebriation depends on the types of beer or wine that your’e drinking. Although a pint of lager has the same alcohol content as a medium glass of wine; wine enters the bloodstream quicker than beer. Wine can peak after 54 minutes of drinking while beer can peak 62 minutes after drinking. Wine contains 32 times more alcohol. A person would haved to drink 2250 ml of beer to get the same alcohol that wine contains. Therefore, you’ll get more drunk with wine than beer.

Wine or beer…Is this a battle between a “white collar” drink and a “blue collar” drink?

Another Question: Which drink has more calories?

A pint of beer has about 180 calories, which is roughly equal to a slice of pizza. It has 50% more energy content than a glass of wine. You can pile on piles on pounds if you drink several bottles of beer a day. However, for moderate drinks, the difference between a pint of beer and a glass of wine is actually quite minimal. Neither wine nor beer drinkers could put on a lot of weight over a short period of time with moderate consumption.

Question Three: Why drink beer?

Hops have been proven to help treat anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia., as well as other sleep disturbances. It contains the values of fiber, Vitamin B, folate, protein and niacin. Hops can also help strengthen the bones and bone mineral density. The drawbacks to drinking beer includes dehydration, heartburn, hangovers, and dependency. Prolonged and excessive beer consumption can also result in liver damage. Beer is not helpful if you’re trying to cut back.

Question: Why drink wine?

5 ounces of red wine contains about 125 calories. A glass of red wine contains about 187 mgs of potassium and a significant amount of fiber. it also contains Resveratrol, which helps fights the affects of aging. It also contains Flavoroids, which help protect the skin against the sun. On the other hand, white wine can be acidic, which can take a toll on a teeth’s enamel. Red wine can also trigger migraine attacks as well.

Lesser calorie content doesn’t immediately translate into a much healthier drink . Moderate consumption of red wine is good for your heart, but beer offers the same benefits so it really doesn’t matter, as long as either drink is consumed responsibly.

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