Who Do I Spend the Most Time With?

I have a lot of family members and friends that I spend time with whenever I want some company, but the one person I REALLY love spending time with is that one special person that I love in the whole world…MYSELF. Why do I say myself? Because first of all, no one can really solve any dilemma or problem that comes about whenever I get into a jam but me and me alone. Now I know I don’t have all the answers to questions that can be asked, but I do my very best to solve things without assistance (if I don’t need it, but if I do, I’ll let people know beforehand).

I also love spending time with myself because I can enjoy the things that I love to do, like write my blogs in any form I please, deliver my podcasts ( The Wright Info Podcast Show is the name of my podcast by the way), in a way in which I don’t have to hear any unecessary criticism, unless asked for (along with opinions as well), read, meditate (which I rarely do because as far as I’m concerned, meditation doesn’t help much but put me to sleep when I close my eyes). I also love to think about new ideas that may come about when planning something that could either make me successful or hopefully doesn’t screw me up.

Spending time with myself is the greatest joy that I can ever experience, and that’s an experience I would never want to let go of, no matter what the situation is because spending time with oneself helps a person know themselves a whole lot better, and then MAYBE, it would be fine to see who is good enough for you to spend time with and so for because not everyone is good to spend time with, a person just have to be careful on who they’re dealing with from now until whenever.

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