The One Simple Thing That Brings Joy to My Life

There are alot of things that bring me joy in my life, whether it’s working to make sure that my money is right and there is a roof over my head and the bills are paid, or reading a good book that I will find very fascinating if it’s good or gets to the point of the story, or maybe just cook a real good meal that will feel me up whenever I get hungry or just have the urge to eat something if I’m on the go.

But the ONE thing that I love that definetely brings me joy is making money, you know, like working hard and enjoying the financial fruits of my labor without having to share it with anyone (if I want to, that is), and do everything in my power to make my money grow. I have been doing a lot research on the stock markets, watching business videos on YouTube (mostly African American business), and trying to expand my mind on money matters, but I am liberal with aiding those who are at LEAST trying to do for themselves, but when it comes to my spending habits, I admit I’m very conservative as I do everything in my power to save what I earn and try not to spend it if it’s not necessary to. Not that I’m cheap (which I’m NOT), I’m just very careful on how I handle my finances and that brings a certain peace of mind to me and makes me feel comfortable in my zone when it comes to doing the one simple thing that makes me happy.

I also love to write my blogs and share them on social media and also do my podcast named The Wright Info Podcast Show and yes it does take time to find various issues to discuss and to write about, it doesn’t drain my mind when going about it so I’m very much fine with it for the first anniversary of both my blog site AND podcast show is coming up and I couldn’t be more excited about both and the long way I have come to carry out and succeed in such an endeavor. So yes, what I have just discussed is the one thing that makes me happy and will continue on doing so until I feel the need to stop, which I definetely will not and to quit now would be a sure waste of time and will be all for naught.

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