When to Know When to Unplug

Now THIS is a weird question to ask: when do I unplug? Exactly what does this mean and for what purpose? Am I unplugging an electrical device, my train of thought, or am I doing some kind of unwinding to relax after a long day’s or night work? I really can’t tell but oh well, maybe that’s what the question is all about. I “unplug” after a long day’s work or if I’m so busy doing something that I won’t have time to get any rest and do things for myself I just stop what I’m doing, discontinue all contact as far as not answering my phone or messages and go into my very own world because there’s really no need for me to be disturbed if I want to unplug or unwind after what I’ve been through either all day or all night, as long as I get some rest I’m good. No need for disturbances.

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