Traveling in the Broad and Local Context: Personal Experiences

Traveling is an exciting activity that brings both enjoyment and knowledge: every person can find something unique visiting other cities and countries. Some people travel to learn something new about other countries and continents; others would like to change their environment or enjoy new experiences. In the broad text, when I think about the place where I would like to go, culture and people usually define my choice. Foreign countries are interesting to me from the pint of view of their history, art and traditions. I associate traveling abroad with local peoples, interesting encounters, traditional cuisine, and nature. At the same time, traveling INSIDE the country is different to me: I mostly think about what the place has to offer.

In the local context, people and the destination itself are what help me chose where to go. Since I don’t change the culture, I pay attention to the things that I can do and the impressions I can receive. I enjoy exploring new places in my city and always prefer lively, busy squares or streets to quiet parks. At the same time, sometimes, the choice of place depends on my current mood. I enjoy sitting alone in small cafes with a cozy atmosphere; however,, I also prefer big and lively restaurants in the city center when I meet with my friends. Moreover, many places in my hometown of Chicago are associated with certain people and events. I usually choose places that have a pleasant atmosphere and can give me memories I’ll always cherish.

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