Do I Remember Life Before The Internet?

Do I remember what it was like before the Internet? Of course I do because I’m at the age where if you wanted to look something up or do some serious research a person had to either visit a library or purchase books where the information was and that at times was time consuming, but in a sense it was (and still is) well worth it. Just imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have the Internet, we’d still be visiting libraries going through the card catalogs (an old school way of looking up books in the library), and using the Dewey Decimal System (which really doesn’t exist anymore).

So yes, I do remember life before the Internet and people who are my age and older do as well but as times went on researching information and watching anything for entertainment has drastically changed, to some for the better, other wishing for the good old days of just trying to find something in the event that they aren’t computer literate. I love the new ways of doing things, but nothing beats the old school way of research and I’ll always keep that in my heart.

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