What Does It Mean to “Have it All” and Can You Obtain It?

A person can have anything they want in life if he or she work real hard at getting it without any problems, yet there will be some obstacles in the way and that can be problematic, but there is a way to get whatever a person wants with hard work and determination and staying focused when going for it. I myself have done everything in my power to get what I want and try to have it all, some with success, but at other times not so, but I never let it stop me in my pursuit of what I wanted, for example, money. Now everyone wants money and it can be easy to obtain, so that’s one way of “having it all”, meaning that if you want to have it all you got to have some type of financial resources, otherwise the chase would be pointless and a lot of time will be wasted.

Like I said before, I always wanted to have it all, but there were times where I would receive a set back or backtrack on what I was doing in order to get what I wanted. Yes, I would be pissed for a while but I would get over it (somewhat) and try again to obtain what I want and do everything in my power to keep and and do the same thing over and over again and wouldn’t have any regrets whatsoever and would probably go out to obtain more. Whether it’s money, a good paying job, new clothes and a nice place to reside, getting those things CAN be easy and done successfully in spite of the possibility of failing for the first, second or third time, as long as a person tries without giving up.

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