How Do I Feel About Cold Weather…

How do I feel about cold weather…Hmmm, an interesting question to ask a person that is now living in a city where as of right now the temperature is damn near 85° and going a bit higher throughout the duration of the day! Don’t get me wrong, I love the warm weather and all, but a little coolness in the air wouldn’t hurt a bit but this is nearly the end of May and June won’t be too long getting here.

Yes, I do like cold weather, but not TOO cold because the possibility of catching a head cold is definitely possible and the last thing I want to do is get sick and call off work (and missing work is something I definitely do NOT enjoy doing, whether a little ill or not). The cold weather can be a good thing in a sense, especially if I got a real nice, warm blanket to wrap around me while sitting at home and a good cup of hot chocolate, or a meal, it doesn’t matter as long as that cold weather doesn’t affect me and prevent me from doing the things I like but for now I’ll tolerate this so-called heat wave we got right now in May until around mid November to December, when Old Man Winter comes upon us, and trust me, I’ll survive!😂😂😂

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